Teaching Guide: Health education: eating habits

Maria Elizabeth Mariño Camargo

This plan has been designed for seventh grade students who have A1 level in an urban area who come from different places around the municipality, having very little knowledge of English. In this lesson plan you will find some activities to improve your students’ reading and writing skills. They will interact with their peers, they will do collaborative work, they will use all their creativity and the teacher will be attentive all the time to give them the necessary support. This is a different class where students will learn enjoying everything they do and I am sure they will feel more motivated in their real life situations. I invite you to implement this new strategy, which can be very useful in your classes.

Learning objective(s):
By the end of this lesson, students will be able to write and talk about the activities that benefit personal care, give recommendations to their classmates and create a new menu for their school cafeteria.