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Teaching Guide: Giving advices to live a healthy

Author: Yullys del Carmen Alvarino Ochoa – Description: This lesson plan helps students to think about different real life situations they have to deal with. And at the same time gives them the opportunity to use the modal verb “should / shouldn´t” for giving advices or recommendations. Also, it presents a wide variety of activities and assessments which result valuable for teachers and students alike. The most of the activities were taken from EP! Student Book Fast Track 11grade.

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Teaching Guide: Eight laws of health

Author: Jennifer Galeano Palencia – Description: This plan guides students to practice simple present and modal verbs in through different activities that allow students to practice listening, writing and reading. This lesson is also useful if you want the students to find out more about health issues.

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Teaching Guide: Eating habits and food groups

Author: Mariel Elena Guzman Maury – Description: This lesson plan guides students from rural and urban areas to identify and distinguish the different food groups through the development of oral and written activities. Also, it provides different assessment techniques that allow teachers to have a follow up of the students’ understanding and performance throughout the lesson.

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Teaching Guide: Daily routines

Author: Sandra Castro Soto – Description: This plan gives the students the possibility to talk about healthy daily habits that relate to the present time, and it also gives teachers a valuable opportunity to assess their Ss’ knowledge about the simple present tense to talk about daily routine. Finally, Formative Assessment Techniques are suggested to raise awareness of the importance of keeping track of the students’ learning process.

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Teaching Guide: Body Parts and Injures

Author: Carolina Ferrucho Sánchez – Description: This lesson plan gives both students and teachers the opportunity of giving suggestions to different types of injuries. Additionally, the use of graphic organisers help students organise their ideas before speaking. Finally, this lesson plan includes Formative Assessment Techniques that permit teachers and students to keep track of the learning process.

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Teaching Guide: Likes and Dislkes

Author: Beatriz Elena Ramirez Londoño – Description: The actual lesson plan allows current teachers to help out students become conscious of the paramount importance of acquiring a healthy and balanced diet through the identification of food group’s benefits and the establishment of wise eating choices.

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Teaching Guide: I was sick

Author: Erika Insignares Barrios – Description: This plan guides students to find out more about common diseases and communicate the possible ways to prevent or cure them. It also allows teachers to have the students practice present perfect and past simple through different group and individual work activities, while practicing their reading and writing skills.

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Teaching Guide: Habitual Actions/Daily Routine

Author: Marcos Lay Urrea Galeano from Quindío

Description: This plan will help you have the chance to reinforce your Ss knowledge about a very common topic: “daily life actions”. The teacher who wants to use this lesson plan has to take into account that this lesson plan has to be done at the end of the period because it is designed to review the present simple, the adverbs of frequency and the time.

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