Learning Guide: Natural Resources


Dear student, this Self-study guide will help you to learn vocabulary about natural resources. You are going to match pictures with the vocabulary. All the activities are related to the module 3 unit 1 lesson 1 page 90 and 91 from the Way to go student book 7. You will read and write the natural wonders in the correct places on the Colombian map. You will improve your writing skills by making a poster giving suggestions and inviting people to visit a natural place in Huila, and you are going to develop your listening skills with track 37 where you have to complete the missing information with the words from the word bank. Finally, you will work on your speaking skills by making a video with a short presentation about 1 of the natural wonders of Colombia that you read about in exercise 2.

Learning objective(s):
● To give information about natural resources. ● To make recommendations and suggestions to tourists.