Learning Guide: Natural disasters


This English self-study guide helps you to practice natural disasters vocabulary. In addition, you can reinforce reading, listening, writing and speaking skills and pragmatic competence. These activities are taken from “English Please.St.9th , unit 2 lesson 5”. It starts with two revision vocabulary activities about the most common natural disasters vocabulary. In the first activity, you will look for natural disaster’s vocabulary in the crossword, then write the vocabulary above the picture. In the Reading task, you read the text and answer the four multiple choice questions and choose the correct option. (Icfes test). Then, you must read the text again and answer True or False in the sentences given. For the language task, you must write a short description about what is happening in the five pictures given. Use your notebook and write down your answers. In the Listening task, you will listen to a conversation and match the words above the pictures according to the audio given. Then, you must listen to a conversation and complete the sentences with missing words given. In the writing task, you should describe what happens during an earthquake. And, what can you do in case of an earthquake? Finally, you should make a recording or video describing what to do in case of an earthquake. Record your video using an application-WhatsApp or cellphones. When you finish the activity, send me the pictures of the activities and the audio or video. If you have questions, please text me or call me.

Learning objective(s):
● To recognize vocabulary about natural disasters. ● To identify specific information about natural disasters vocabulary mentioned in a spoken dialogue (listening for specific information) ● Be confident during an explanation about what to do in case of an earthquake.