Learning Guide: Let’s celebrate!

Avendaño Gracia Ana Yamile, Hurtado Abril Marisel,Escobar Alvarez Judith Esperanza,Medellín Herrera Andrea Consuelo

This English self-study guide lets you learn vocabulary about traditions, celebrations and customs in Colombia and other countries. All the activities are related to “Way to Go 1” student’s book, Module 4, Unit 3, lessons 1 and 3 pages 150, 152, 158 and 167. At the beginning you are going to find vocabulary about celebrations, traditions and custom where you practise with some exercises, after that, you continue with listening exercises, there are two tracks for reinforcing listening skill.Then you do a reading for understanding the grammar structure like simple present, in addition, you can practise some exercises about “Pruebas Saber 11”. Finally, you will do your own diagram. Don’t forget to develop your self assessment because it can identify your learning process and the advantages in a foreign language.

Learning objective(s):
To describe celebrations and traditions. ● To compare places and customs. ● To read and understand simple, authentic texts about events associated with cultural traditions. ● To identify specific information in a text.