Learning Guide: Introductions and routines

Jose Wilson Calderon Trujillo

This English self-study guide helps you practise listening skills. You will: • read a short dialog about Wilson then answer some questions and next listen and repeat track one to become familiar with the intonation and pronunciation. • match the numbers from one to twenty, then complete a word grid with the numbers and listen to track 2 to repeat the dialog, after that, read the same questions and answer with your information. • with the alphabet, study the corresponding symbols for pronunciation, after that, listen to complete the table with the people’s names, and finally complete the introduction with your own name. • record an audio greeting, saying about your name, your last name, age, place where you were born, spelling your full name and a farewell and send it to me by WhatsApp.

Learning objective(s):
● To practice vocabulary about personal basic information ● To listen to people introducing themselves ● Talking about daily routines