Learning Guide: A normal day

Jonathan Flórez Moncada, Ivonne Julieth Sánchez Ramos, Amparo Gómez Albarracín

This English self-study guide helps you practise how to describe someone’s daily routine. All the activities are fairly related to the topic of daily routines presented in Way to Go Student Book 6. It starts with a vocabulary activity about routines. Then, you will read a text and select True- False. Based on the text, you discover the grammar topic and do a practice activity. Finally, there is a meaningful speaking task that has two options. You have to choose one. Remember that there are useful resources you can explore to improve your learning process.

Learning objective(s):
●To interact with own family. ● To identify the use, meaning and form of the adverbs of frequency. ● To ask questions about daily routines to relatives. ● To describe own routine.