Learning Guide: The weather


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Author: Janett Guzman Cortes from Huila

This self-study guide allows you to practice talking about the weather and the weather forecast
The activities you will find here are based on the book English Please! 9th
Grade, Module 2, Unit 2, lesson: 5, pages 64 – 65 – 66. The guide starts with some pictures and a vocabulary table. It is a vocabulary exercise to start the lesson. Then it continues with a dialogue as an example and you will write a new one.
After this, you will practice reading skills. It is about some people talking about the climate. Firstly, you should match the picture of what they are talking about, then underline the adverbs of frequency. After this, you will complete some statements with the adverbs of frequency, and you will demonstrate that you understand the reading.

Learning Objective(s):

● To practise the use of the present simple.
● Using the adjectives to describe the weather.

Source: Public School Teacher