Learning Guide: Food and drinks


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Author: Ana Milena Rojas Silva, Paola Lorena Manjarrés Polania, Aranza Cathalina Laiseca Campos from Huila

This English self-study guide helps you reinforce vocabulary related to food and drinks through listening and speaking skills. You will find 4 activities:
-Activity 1: Classify vocabulary related to food and drinks.
-Activity 2: Classify phrases to express what you like and dislike and give your opinion about food and drinks using the expressions mentioned before and finally, identify positive and negative phrases.
-Activity 3: Listen and identify specific information in a conversation.
-Activity 4: Write questions to start a conversation about food. On this last point, you must first practice pronunciation and then record the dialogue with a classmate. In this activity, you will be able to find a web page suggested by the teacher to practice pronunciation.
The listening part is taken from the book: “English, please! 1, page 87. Track 65.

Learning Objective(s):

● To identify people’s likes and dislikes in a conversation.
● To express opinions about food preferences”

Source: Public School Teacher