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Teaching Guide: Using positive Language in the classroom

Author: Mónica Lucía Rodríguez Romero – Description: This plan gives the students the possibility to talk about past actions that relate to the present time, and it also gives teachers a valuable opportunity to assess their students’ level. This plan also raises awareness about the impact people’s actions can have in the society. Finally, this plan provides teachers and students with formative assessment techniques that involve students in their learning process.

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Teaching Guide: My Memories

Author: María de los Ángeles Perdomo Perdomo – Description: This lesson plan focuses on memories students have about their past experiences. Additionally, this lesson plan fosters creative thinking since students create a book. It also integrates literature and art to make learning more meaningful. Some formative assessment techniques are suggested.

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Teaching Guide: Duties as a citizen

Author: Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Ramirez – Description: This lesson plan highlights the importance of being a good citizen. Students are asked to think of behaviour that shows good citizenship in different places that are meaningful to them. On the other hand, The Exit Ticket, as a Formative Assessment Technique is suggested to check students’ learning.

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Teaching Guide: Social Media Etiquette

Author: Martha Cecilia Castro Lozada – Description: This plan will provide students relevant ideas and activities related to how they can recognize themselves as digital citizens in today’s globalized world. Moreover, they can identify the norms and behaviours needed to interact properly in the world wide web.

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Teaching Guide: Fashion

Author: Dubys Arroyo – Description: This plan guides students to participate in a project and work cooperatively by developing different entertaining activities about fashion. It also allows students to learn different vocabulary and expressions related to fashion.

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Teaching Guide: Eating habits and food groups

Author: Mariel Elena Guzman Maury – Description: This lesson plan guides students from rural and urban areas to identify and distinguish the different food groups through the development of oral and written activities. Also, it provides different assessment techniques that allow teachers to have a follow up of the students’ understanding and performance throughout the lesson.

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