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Teaching Guide: Clothing

Author: Carolina Cordoba Hurtado – Description: This plan gives students the opportunity to open their mind to the different skills that allow them to interact with the teacher, classmates and others, practicing basic vocabulary of their daily life.

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Teaching Guide: Description

Author: Katherine Hurtado Muelas – Description: This Lesson plan motivates students to practice their oral and writing production about the learned topic, it also helps them to experience the value of respect when students do the “Fashion Show” modelling their clothing, and to create an environment of collaboration and companionship when working in a group.

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Teaching Guide: Fast fashion: Clothing and accessories around us.

Author: Carol Patricia Valenzuela Quintero – Description: This lesson plan attempts to help Colombian teachers that explore an easy way to integrate contents of the suggested curriculum and use “English Please book series” as a teaching material for 10th graders. This plan also addresses some tips to create a dynamic classroom environment where teachers’ instructions are more explicit and provide opportunities to lead students’ progress through communicative activities and types of assessments where teachers from their students` particularities may teach a world topic and develop English language skills.

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Teaching Guide: Urban Tribes

Author: Diana Patricia Castro Sandoval – Description: This plan gives the students a chance to talk about topics of their interests as they explore about hobbies and teen activities. For the teacher it is an excellent opportunity to work on reading comprehension practice and asses students’ level. This lesson plan includes ICT activities and a variety of Classroom techniques that make it interesting and easy to deliver.

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Teaching Guide: Clothes and styles

Author: Carolina Villamil Rincon – Description: This plan shows how students can work in an English class doing easy exercises and assessing themselves throughout their process.  It also includes some ideas of other cultures around the world and the concept that beauty has for individuals and cultures. It involves likes and dislikes about clothes, styles, looks and fashion.

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Teaching Guide: Changes in a place

Author: Grace Kelly Villalobos – Description: This project plan is very useful if you as a teacher wants to improve Students’ awareness about the changes in a place and how it suffered its transformation.  It is very complete and will allow you to assess your learners through different stages.

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Teaching Guide: Colombian Identity

Author: Belinda Ines Angulo Noriega from Barranquilla
Description: This plan guides students to learn more about Colombia and some aspects of its culture by developing a series of activities in group that allow them to practice the simple present tense. It also provides a formative way to assess the students’ performance and the lesson.

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