Learning Guide: What are you wearing today?

Deicy Mercedes Eraso Burbano, Paulo César Guerrero Pabón, María Fernanda Insuasty Cortés

This English self-study guide helps you practise vocabulary about weather and clothes, as well as the uses of the present continuous tense. All the activities are connected to the Way to Go Student’s Book 6 Module 4 Unit 2 (pages 143-144). It starts with some vocabulary activities. Then, you will read a text and work on some comprehension questions about it; later you will discover how to describe what you are wearing and doing according to the weather. Finally, you will record a 1-minute video or audio. Follow the instructions given in the exercise J and be ready to share it with your teacher and classmates.

Learning objective(s):
 To identify key vocabulary related to weather and clothes.  To infer information from short texts about clothes and weather.  To describe outfits according to weather conditions.