Learning Guide: Urban tribes

Fanery Patricia Hidalgo Benavides, Marisol Vallejo Narváez, Silvana Yamile López Muñoz

This self-study guide helps you practise describing Urban Tribes in written and spoken form. All the activities are related to the English, please! Fast Track - Student’s Book 10, Module 1, Unit 1, Lesson 2, Pages 14, 15 and 17. It starts with some vocabulary revision activities. Then, you will read the texts and work on some comprehension questions. After that, you will discover how to use the gerund as a verb. Finally, you will write a description about your favorite urban tribe and the same information will be shared through a 1-minute audio in the English group via WhatsApp.

Learning objective(s):
 To practise vocabulary related to clothes and parts of the body.  To identify specific information in a text.  To infer information from a text.  To discover the uses of gerunds as a verb.  To describe urban tribes, the clothes they wear and the activities they do by using gerunds as a verb.