Learning Guide: We Can Do Great Things!

Cruz del Carmen Pérez Sánchez, Yudith Camila López Cuasquer

This self-study guide in English helps you practice vocabulary about sports and free time activities. All activities are related to the Way to Go Student’s Book 6 Module 2 Unit 2 (pages 62, 63 and 87). It starts with some vocabulary activities. Then, you have a short reading to answer comprehension questions. Later, you will discover the uses of the verb can / can’t. After, you will complete a letter and write your own. Finally, you will fill out the self-assessment grid to assess your performance and understanding of the topics.

Learning objective(s):
● To recognize vocabulary related to sports and free time activities. ● To express abilities through short simple sentences using the modal verb Can / can’t. ● To produce a short written text talking about abilities related to sports and free time activities.