Learning Guide: The Weather

Genyvel Díaz Traslaviña, Adriana Martínez Torres, Luz Bibiana Lazo Esquivel, Olga Cecilia Gutiérrez Méndez

This English self-study guide will help you describe what people do according to the weather. All of the activities are related to the topics of the weather, clothes, adverbs of frequency and some of the activities you can do depending on the weather. Besides, the activities are based on the English Please, Student’s book, pages 64 ,66 y 67. This guide aims to develop reading and writing skills, grammar and vocabulary. By the end of the guide the student will be able to write an email to a friend saying what the weather's like, what people wear in that type of weather and what they usually do.

Learning objective(s):
To practice vocabulary related to clothes, weather, adverbs of frequency To write an email to a friend giving him/her information about the weather, clothes and activities you do in different places here in Colombia. To find specific information in a text.