Learning Guide: Talk about my favorite natural place

Luz Elena Rivadeneira Miranda, Oscar Roberto Hernández Pantoja

This English self-study guide helps you to practise the expressions there is and there are to describe your favorite natural place, which are found in the Way to Go student’s book 6 Module 3 Unit 1 Lesson 1. All the activities are related to the topic of Natural places. It starts with a vocabulary revision activity in which you have to read the descriptions and write the corresponding word in front of them. Secondly, you read a short text about a natural place and draw the elements. Next you write true or false to some statements about a picture. After that, you choose the best answer to some comprehension questions and describe your favorite natural place using the vocabulary and the expressions you have learnt. Finally, you carry out self-assessment to verify your comprehension on this topic.

Learning objective(s):
 To identify vocabulary related to the environment.  To describe with simple short sentences my favorite natural place.