Learning Guide: Take care of my body.

Olga Lucía Mateus Castro Carlos Ferney Sanchez Gomez Wilmer Javier Ortiz Meneses

This learning guide for the English area was prepared to help you learn vocabulary and give instructions to take care of your body. All the activities are related to how to be a healthy teen presented in Way to Go Book 7 Module 1 Unit 2 Lesson 1. In the vocabulary section you will learn about healthy food and objects for your care and some verbs used to carry out these activities. Then, you will work on a reading task to learn more about the topic and finally you will create a video tutorial to inform people about what to do to take care of their bodies. This guide is designed to be developed in one hour. Enjoy the activities and let’s continue learning together!

Learning objective(s):
To recycle and use vocabulary about different objects/actions to care of the body. To give instructions for a healthy life by means of a video. To extract general and specific information from a short text, written in a simple language. To identify the main purpose of a text, in order to get the syntax used.