Learning Guide: HEALTHY TEENS!

John Jairo Preciado Barrios,José Alexander García Latorre, Claudia Camacho

Are you a healthy teen? With this self-study guide you’ll learn about it and reflect on the ways you are taking care of your body. Today you’ll reinforce both vocabulary related to personal care and healthy lifestyles; also, you’ll train your writing and reading skills through some exercises based on useful vocabulary about food’s nutritional facts, personal hygiene elements and healthy activities. These activities are taken or adapted from Way to Go Workbook Unit 2 - module 1, lesson 1. It starts with some vocabulary exercises and an approach to adverbs of frequency. Then a literal reading comprehension task. Finally, a writing task, where you must write a short text using the studied vocabulary and the adverbs of frequency.

Learning objective(s):
To identify and use vocabulary about healthy food, personal care and healthy habits. To understand texts about daily routines and activities related to healthy food, personal care and healthy habits. To write a brief text about personal care and healthy habits taking into account the studied topics from this guide.