Learning Guide: Learning of the past

Patricia Rubio G.

This English self - study guide helps you practise the four skills writing, reading, speaking and listening. Also you will be able to speak and describe past experiences and situations. The activities are related to the topic learning of the past presented in Wat to go 7° in Unit 2 2 module #2. In this guide there are 5 activities: First activity is a language task, here you have to look at the time table and answer about what María did before the lockdown. Then you have to write questions in the past and listen to audio and complete the speech bubbles. After you have to read the Turing's biography and match the column B with column C. Then in the speaking task you have to practise asking and answering questions with a partner and end up doing the auto-assessment.

Learning objective(s):
To talk about the past ● To describe past experiences and situations