Learning Guide: Natural resources

Elsa Diaz Paola Manjarrés John Murillo

This self-study guide allows you to practice talking about the different ways in which you can express comparisons. The activities you will find here are based on the book English please 9! Student book 1, Module 2, Unit 5, page 64 and Module 4, Unit 1, page 126. The guide starts with a puzzle chart to find some opposite words to help you remember some vocabulary. Then, it continues with a matching exercise. After that, you will demonstrate your understanding about the way the adjectives are written, when making comparisons and answering some questions. In addition, you must complete the sentences with the suitable adjective form. Also, you must listen to an audio about weather and landscape to choose the correct options for the worksheet. Finally, choose two cities in the world, where you would like to go in order to compare them.

Learning objective(s):
● To identify information about different landscapes in Colombia. ● To make comparisons about natural landscapes.