Learning Guide: I’m going to have fun!

Yuliana Katherine Delgado Goyes, Gloria Esperanza Ceballos Reina, Cristian Gabriel Coral Benavides

This English self-study guide will help you to practice vocabulary related to free time activities and talk about your plans for the future. For this, you will use the Way to Go student’s book 7 page 13 exercise 7. This guide starts with some vocabulary activities. Then, you will read a text and answer some questions about it. Later, you will identify and analyse how to use the “be going to” to talk about future plans and finally, you will write a short text about your plans for the next weekend.

Learning objective(s):
 To review some free time activities.  To infer information from a text.  To identify the uses and structure of “be going to” for expressing future plans.  To talk about plans for the future in a short written paragraph.