Learning Guide: Health Issues

Fredy Ticora y Johanni Naranjo

This English self-study guide helps you describe eating disorders and identify general and specific information in a short text. All the activities are related to eating disorders. It is presented in Way to Go Student Book 8, Module 2 unit 1 Lesson 1 page 50 Exercise 1, and page 51 Exercises 4 and 5. Also, in Way to Go Workbook 8, Module 2 unit 1 Lesson 1 page 17 exercises 1-2. It starts with an activity of vocabulary. You must match some pictures with some signs of possible eating disorders. Then, there is a listening exercise with the vocabulary seen. Then, you must look at the information and label the photos. After that, you must read the last information and complete the text with an eating disorder. Later you must describe an eating disorder using the photos, the useful expressions and the vocabulary Study. There is also a reading about the topic with questions related with the text. Finally, you must evaluate your work.

Learning objective(s):