Learning Guide: Free Time Activities

Linsday Milena Torres Silva , Angie Alexandra Rodríguez Bejarano, Alfonso Del Castillo Obrador

This English self-study guide helps you give and ask for information about free-time activities, talk about likes, hobbies and interests and future plans. All activities are related to the topic of free time activities, presented in Way to Go, 7th grade Student Book, Module 1, Unit 1; pages 10 to16. In this guideyou will find some vocabulary revision activities and a grammar activity. After, you have to read an email and choose the right answers related to it. Finally, you have to write an email where you describe your plans for your vacations after this quarantine, according to your hobbies and interests.

Learning objective(s):
● To ask for and give personal information about free-time activities. ● To express future plans. ● To express likes and talk about hobbies and interests.