Learning Guide: Parts of the body

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Author: Sandra Milena Osorio, Wilson Huependo from Huila

Description: This English self-study guide helps you to practice vocabulary related to the parts of the body. The topic is developed in WAY TO GO – WORKBOOK 6, module 2-unit 2 lesson 1.
1. Put the parts of the body in the correct place. Write the plural of each part in brackets
2. Read the description about Alexis. Choose the correct picture according to the given description
3. Answer true or false according to the reading.
4. Draw an alien, write a short description about it. Use the vocabulary about parts of the body. Use the reading in activity 3 as a model to write minimum 4 lines
5. Read the sentences and choose the correct answer.

Learning Objective(s):
● To identify and name the main parts of the body

Source: Public School Teacher