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Teaching Guide: Having healthy practices

Author: Ana Ismenia Gutiérrez Salas – Description: This project plan offers the teachers the possibility to know about their students’ healthy habits. It is also flexible for different language levels. In this case, it is planned for challenging the students to use English in outdoor contexts around the school. I hope you enjoy this adventure and learn a lot during the road.

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Teaching Guide: Likes and Dislikes food

Author: Carmen Judith Rodríguez Longaray – Description: This plan provides to the teacher clear objectives that helps him to develop student´s own abilities for learning English. The student has the opportunity to work with organized activities, feeling motivation to improve the use of communicative English skills according to his level.

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Learning Guide: Healthy life

Author: Jairo Antonio Torres Méndez from Neiva
Description: This guide will help you to reinforce your Reading and writing skills. You will understand a little better the factors of a healthy life and I hope you understand the importance of acquiring healthy habits in your daily life. First, you will find a vocabulary activity that consists of a crossword. For this activity I suggest using a dictionary. Then, you have the text. Please, read it carefully and make notes, draw a chart of a mind map in order to understand it better

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