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Learning Guide: Keeping healthy

Author: Edgar Fernando Riascos Vallejo, Teresita Hurtado Osorio – Description: This English self-study guide will help you talk and write on how to stay healthy. All the activities are related to the topic of taking care of your body and mind presented in the book Way to go Student’s book 7 Module 1 Unit 2 lesson 1. It starts exploring the vocabulary the students already know, then they get familiar with some words. Afterwards, they listen to an expert talking about actions to stay healthy, right after, they notice and deduce a grammar aspect and end up writing an action plan to stay healthy, using the grammar and vocabulary learnt.

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Teaching Guide: Sharing our Habits, Likes, Hobbies and Interests

Author: Yorlady Loaiza Martínez – Description: This plan provides some ideas to teach hobbies, likes and personal integral care and also gives you different options to assess your students focusing in a formative way; besides, it is also useful to allow students to express their feelings and likes, and the most important, they make aware of the importance of personal care.

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Teaching Guide: Be a healthy hero

Author: Maria Doris Arévalo – Description: This plan gives the students a change to know about healthy and positive habits. Also it gives the opportunity to improve your English level though different kind of activities that integrate reading, speaking and writing skills.

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