Learning Guide: Keeping healthy

Edgar Fernando Riascos Vallejo, Teresita Hurtado Osorio

This English self-study guide will help you talk and write on how to stay healthy. All the activities are related to the topic of taking care of your body and mind presented in the book Way to go Student’s book 7 Module 1 Unit 2 lesson 1. It starts exploring the vocabulary the students already know, then they get familiar with some words. Afterwards, they listen to an expert talking about actions to stay healthy, right after, they notice and deduce a grammar aspect and end up writing an action plan to stay healthy, using the grammar and vocabulary learnt.

Learning objective(s):
To practise vocabulary related to keeping healthy. To use Can to talk about possibilities. To get familiar with collocations such as reduce stress, increase energy, etc. To identify the main gist from a native speaker talking about actions to follow in a healthy routine of exercise. To write an action plan following a model given by the teacher and using the grammatical forms learned during the lesson.