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Learning Guide: Daily Life

Author: Alejandra María Angulo, Ingrid Lizeth Campos, Lilia Oliva López – Description: In this guide you will find a new topic: Daily Life. This time, you will learn new vocabulary related to your daily routine. Most of the activities are taken from the book Way to go 6, Module 1, Unit 2. Remember to use your notebook and present your answers to the teacher.

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Teaching Guide: Celebrities

Author: Fraynori Gómez Medina – Description: This plan could improve the environment in your classroom. It can help your students accepting different points of view and characteristics of each member of the group. They will use vocabulary to shoe kindness and respect.

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Teaching Guide: My Daily routine Habits

Author: Abel Andrés Periñán Morales – Description: This lesson plan gives students the chance to deepen their knowledge about daily routine activities. This planning allows the students to strengthen their autonomy and group work because the suggested activities are Learner Centred. Students will also get a sense of assessment in a relaxed way, which helps them be more aware of how they and their peers learn and how the teacher teaches.

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Teaching Guide: Be a healthy hero

Author: Maria Doris Arévalo – Description: This plan gives the students a change to know about healthy and positive habits. Also it gives the opportunity to improve your English level though different kind of activities that integrate reading, speaking and writing skills.

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Teaching Guide: Good habits vs. Bad habits.

Author: Martha Patricia Montaña Duarte – Description: This lesson plan focuses on healthy habits. Then, through the activities, students raise awareness on the importance of having good habits and practicing them every day. Students also analyse results, which provides them with statistical tools to report.

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Teaching Guide: Daily routines

Author: Sandra Castro Soto – Description: This plan gives the students the possibility to talk about healthy daily habits that relate to the present time, and it also gives teachers a valuable opportunity to assess their Ss’ knowledge about the simple present tense to talk about daily routine. Finally, Formative Assessment Techniques are suggested to raise awareness of the importance of keeping track of the students’ learning process.

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Learning Guide: Daily routine

Author: Viviana Mosquera Suaza from Huila

Description: This home study English guide aims to strengthen the vocabulary used to write a daily routine and the forms of the present simple. This guide takes as a reference the Way to go 6 student’s book module 1 unit 2 lesson 1. It begins with vocabulary activities,then reading and ends with a writing and self-evaluation activity.

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