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Teaching Guide: Daily activities

Author: Yani Milena Cordoba Mosquera – Description: This plan is designed to help students talk about their daily life activities and to ask other people for their information regarding their daily life activities, as well.

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Teaching Guide: Free Time/Personal Care

Author: Adriana Cocuy Sánchez – Description: This plan provides a great opportunity for students to get to know themselves, their classmates and others. Moreover, they have the chance to share ideas regarding their daily activities and talk about how they can look after their personal hygiene.

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Teaching Guide: Talking about my daily routine

Author: Yocabeth Roca Cortina – Description: This plan guides students to identify their own and their classmates’ daily routines by talking about different activities using the simple present tense and some expressions of time. It allows students to work individually and in pairs, which contributes to have variety of interaction. It also guides students to realize about their own level of performance by providing different self-assessment techniques.

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