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Teaching Guide: Green Community

Author: Consuelo Doria Torres – Description: This plan can be used when people want to talk about where they live and how the environment in that area is affected and should be protected by good citizens.

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Teaching Guide: My life with social networks

Author: Nancy Maria Cabarcas Mantilla – Description: This plan guides students to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of social networks in their life and provide advice to have a healthy management of them. It also gives teachers the chance to bring interesting and meaningful topics and activities that allow students to have fun while learning.

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Teaching Guide: Eating habits and food groups

Author: Mariel Elena Guzman Maury – Description: This lesson plan guides students from rural and urban areas to identify and distinguish the different food groups through the development of oral and written activities. Also, it provides different assessment techniques that allow teachers to have a follow up of the students’ understanding and performance throughout the lesson.

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