Learning Guide: Typical Food

Jhonny Lemos, Alfredo Mejía Valencia, Jorge Sánchez Marín

This self-study guide will take you through a series of activities which aim to improve your vocabulary in terms of a healthy lifestyle. It starts with a vocabulary review, then you have to match the names of some fruits and their definitions, then you will work on grammar by using quantifiers to complete the activities. After that, you will read a text about some Colombian dishes and you will complete some charts with the information from the texts. Finally, you will create a new chart to describe a Colombian dish and foreign dish. The information can be found on Módulo 3, unidad 1, lección 1 en página 86-88 from the English please Student’s Book 9h grade.

Learning objective(s):
To practise vocabulary related to fruits and meals. To infer grammar rules about quantifiers. To make inferences based on a text related to dishes. To identify specific information in a reading. To describe dishes by using quantifiers.