Learning Guide: The future is in your hands

Marcela Martínez Granada

This English self – study guide helps you to plan your future decisions and our next after high school, you will also understand and express possible and imaginary situations using vocabulary related to your near future. How can you plan, set goals and take action. You will use some useful resources presented in Student’s book English Please 3 Module 1 unit 1. It starts with a vocabulary exercise in which you choose the correct word for each sentence. Then, answer some questions about the language used. You will also improve your listening skills and will get some pieces of advice about your future decisions from an expert. Finally, you will design an unconventional mind map that will help you to clear your mind about your next steps. It is necessary to spread the word. That is why, share your insights in your self-assessment will help you to listen to reinforce your plans.

Learning objective(s):
To express possible and imaginary situations. To plan my future decisions. To represent ideas and plans through creative writing.