Learning Guide: Taking care of myself and of others.

Diana del Pilar Barreto Moreno, Carmen Julia Buitrago Escobar, Leidy Milena Camargo Sandoval

This English self-study guide helps you practise vocabulary related to Feelings and Emotions in time of Covid. These activities are related to Module 1 // Unit 3//: “Taking Care of Myself and of Others”. You can find it in Way to Go Student Book 7 and Way to Go Work Book. Firstly, you begin searching emotions on a cross puzzle. After that, you read the reasons why the people feel stressed (a-f). Here you can recognize the Simple Present Tense in affirmative form. Then, you will answer some questions about feeling stressed when you have bad relationships by using a vocabulary box. Moreover, you need to read the story of a student who is stressed because of pressure in school and underline the way the carácter reacts to stress, write True or False and correct the False ones. In the writing tasks, you write 6 sentences about how the stress can affect you. Using the following vocabulary, Read a paragraph and make an outline with your own ideas about how you deal with a stressful situation and at the end, you write an email to your teacher expressing how you deal with stressful situations using the word bank. Finally, the student must self evaluate his/her performance during the development of this self Study Guide.

Learning objective(s):
To identify emotions according to different situations. To write short abstracts explaining how people deal with emotions using simple present tense. To use different expressions to respond in an assertive way at the moment to help people.