Learning Guide: Meeting the challenges of the modern world

Liced Yamile Rodriguez Martinez

This self-study guide will help you with your English skills, through the topic related to community or voluntary work. This guide presents different activities to provide input and help you by writing a text about a person who has worked or created a voluntary organization. You can also have feedback from your partners. This self-study guide was done based on the book English, Please! Fast track 11th grade and it presents activities such as: vocabulary tasks, where you can recognize words related to voluntary work; reading comprehension which refer to short posts about voluntary activities; use of language in which you can find the contrast between past simple and present perfect; listening activities also related to voluntary work and finally, it presents the writing task with examples and tips to elaborate a good text, by drafting and correcting until the last version of it. In this self-study guide self-assessment is also relevant, which allows you to evaluate yourself.

Learning objective(s):
● To identify and use vocabulary related to community and voluntary work. ● To understand personal experiences of being a volunteer in a text. To identify specific information in a conversation. ● To write about a voluntary organization that you would like to create in your neighborhood.