Learning Guide: Let’s see the world

John Jorge Ortega, Liceth Karine Oyola, Martha Milena Rodelo

This English self-study guide helps you to compare weather and seasons in different countries. All the activities are related to the topic “Let’s see the world” presented in Way to go 7, Module 4, Unit 1 (page 131). It starts with some vocabulary activities. Then, you will read a text and work on some activities about it. After that, you will discover some knowledge about comparatives and superlatives. Finally, you will end up comparing and contrasting things among Colombia, Egypt and China.

Learning objective(s):
To identify comparatives and superlatives of adjectives related to the features of different countries. To recognise the use of comparatives and superlatives while reading a text about characteristics of some countries. To produce a short written descriptive text making comparisons about weather and seasons in different countries.