Learning Guide: Family Life

Alberto Navia, Pablo Felipe Ordoñez

This English self-study guide will help you learn vocabulary about family members and the use of possessive adjectives. The activities are connected to the Way to Go Student Book 6, Module 1, unit 3, page 30, 31. The guide is divided into 5 parts. The first one about family members vocabulary, the second and third one about reading and grammar; in this part, you will read a paragraph and work on some activities about it. The fourth about writing; you will draw your own family tree, establish your family relationships using possessive pronouns, and write a short paragraph about your family. Finally, in the last part you will find a self-evaluation section. Atthe end of the guide, you will be able to identify your family members in English, and to establish relationships between them using possessive pronouns.

Learning objective(s):
To use vocabulary about family members. To establish relationships between family members using possessive adjectives. To practice reading comprehension. To draw a family tree describing how your family is made up.