Learning Guide: Eco- Friendly Home

Aura Cardoza Aguirre Robin Alexis Clavijo Adolfo Rivera Cabrera

Dear student, this English self-study guide helps you exchange information, identify general and specific information in a text, and practice giving and receiving spoken instructions on environment caring from home. You will find four main activities about environment care from home presented in Way to Go student book 6, module 3, unite 1; Way to Go Workbook 6, module 3, unite 1, pag. 31. The first one is a Vocabulary task: match words, classify vocabulary, and complete the gaps. The second one is a Reading task: read and answer, and true and false. Third one is a Language Task: answer based on underlined sentences, and check sentence structure and answer them. Finally, a writing task: describe through a text about your home, make a creative collage, and record an audio related to your home description. At the end of this guide you can find a self-assessment chart; here you can Tick (✔) what you have learnt.

Learning objective(s):
To use vocabulary related to parts of the house and furniture To understand main ideas in a short text. To describe what we have in our home or where we live