Learning Guide: Amazing Countries

Diana Gineth Díaz Ochoa, Ivonne Dayana González Pérez

This English self-study guide helps you learn vocabulary about adjectives and how to compare typical characteristics of countries and cities. All the activities are connected to the reading in Way to Go Student Book 7 Module 4, Unit 1, lesson 1 (pages 130, 131) and Workbook 7 Module 4, Unit 2, Lessons 1, 3 (pages 49,52). It starts with some vocabulary activities. Then, you have to follow the structure to comparative and superlative adjectives to read some sentences and find and correct a mistake in each one, also read a text and choose the correct answer and complete some sentences about the information given

Learning objective(s):
To compare characteristics of countries and cities through the use of comparative and superlative adjectives. To identify specific information in a text.