Learning Guide: Duties and rights


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Author: Betsaida Hernández Rojas from Huila

This English self-study guide will help you to practice how to talk about your duties at home and at school. Also, how to ask other people about their duties. Also, there is a reading comprehension exercise. All the activities are related to the topic of children’s duties and rights presented in Way to Go Students Book 8 Module 3 Unit 1 lesson 2. It starts with some activities to learn the necessary vocabulary to talk about duties. Then, through a listening exercise you will identify the useful expressions to talk about duties and prohibitions (modal verbs “have to” and “mustn’t”). Then you have to answer and ask some questions about your duties at home and at school, don’t forget to use the modal verbs “must/mustn’t” and “have to” in this activity. After this, you have to read a text about human rights and answer some multiple-choice questions. Finally, you have to read three situations where you are going to identify and write the broken article in the space provided.

Learning Objective(s):

● To learn vocabulary and expressions to talk about duties at home and at school
● To ask and answer questions about duties
● To reinforce literal and inferential reading comprehension

Source: Public School Teacher