Learning Guide: Different jobs


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Author: Medina Medina Edilsa, Arrieta Mendoza Alba Luz, Melo Cataño Yadelis from Riohacha, La Guajira and Riohacha

This English self-study guide helps you practise asking and giving personal information in written form. All activities are related to the topic of different jobs presented in Way to Go student book 6 Module 3, unit 3, lesson 1. It starts with some vocabulary. Look at the picture and write in front of each word the number of the image of the corresponding occupation. Then you look at several sentences to do the next activity where you write each letter to complete the words according to those sentences. Finally you choose the occupation in the star and write it on the line according to the jobs.

Learning Objective(s):

● Practice vocabulary related to the jobs.
● Identify a favorite career.
● To write about jobs and professions.

Source: Public School Teacher