Learning Guide: Healthy life


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Author: Jairo Antonio Torres Méndez from Neiva

Description: This guide will help you to reinforce your Reading and writing skills. You will understand a little better the factors of a healthy life and I hope you understand the importance of acquiring healthy habits in your daily life. First, you will find a vocabulary activity that consists of a crossword. For this activity I suggest using a dictionary. Then, you have the text. Please, read it carefully and make notes, draw a chart of a mind map in order to understand it better. And the reading consists of two simple exercises: in the first one you have to write the factors of good health explained in the text. The second is a chart where you can see a situation and in front of it two choices. You will mark the option or options that are not good for the situation. Finally, you have to complete a list of the factors or activities you do and the activities you don’t do in order to have a good healthy life. And at the end you find three personal questions.
That’s all. Good luck.

Learning Objective(s):

  • To identify main ideas in a text
  • To be conscious of the importance of having good health habits

Source: Public School Teacher