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Why English? Comics for the Classroom – Story 6: Julia with Audio and Lesson Plan

Author: American English – Description: This story is about Julia. Julia loves English, but her parents don’t see the value in her learning this language. One day, a visitor comes to their farm. Does he change the parents perspective of English? These resources were originally created for English language learners and teachers around the world by the Office of English Language Programs in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. Visit the American English page here:

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Teaching Guide: Daily routines and free time activities

Author: Perfinia Maria Molina Rangel – Description: This plan enhances the development and acquisition of the foreign language in a meaningful way and following the basis of the textbook English please. It helps them to describe daily actions like routines and free time activities as well as promotes collaborative and team work.

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Teaching Guide: My future life

Author: Danit Lucía Cardona Viana – Description: This plan gives ss enough tools to develop the oral skills while talking about their plans for a near future. It encourages Ts to think about motivating activities, professions and facts that can encourage ss to learn English in a meaningful way.

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