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Teaching Guide: Social Leaders in Colombia

Author: José Alexander Arcila Valencia – Description: This plan is an opportunity to have your students put into practice grammatical knowledge they have gained in previous classes (past simple). It also helps them gain new vocabulary, develop teamwork skills, and most importantly, it helps your students to be aware of the difficult reality of social leaders in our country.

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Teaching Guide: Talking about past experiences

Author: Olga Rocío Rojas Porras – Description: This plan can help students develop skills in the use of simple past tense to narrate a trip’s events, through cooperative work and a pleasant and motivating learning environment where they can assess during class, their skills, strengths and advances.

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Teaching Guide: My Memories

Author: María de los Ángeles Perdomo Perdomo – Description: This lesson plan focuses on memories students have about their past experiences. Additionally, this lesson plan fosters creative thinking since students create a book. It also integrates literature and art to make learning more meaningful. Some formative assessment techniques are suggested.

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