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Teaching Guide: Let’s See The World

Author: Libia Marina Morales Ortega – Description: I have had the opportunity students through this lesson become aware of English language learning because a globalized word requires it, also I can assess some skills to my students such as: Reading, Listening, Writing.

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Teaching Guide: Around the world

Author: Lady Astrid Garcia Romero – Description: This lesson plan helps to identify vocabulary about the weather, season and activities through flashcards and simple activities to improve speaking in our students.

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Teaching Guide: The weather

Author: Vicky Cantillo González – Description: This lesson plan gives students and teachers the opportunity to verify how the learning process is going and offers chances to learn not only the new language but a meaningful topic (the weather) in a very creative and productive way. Finally, it provides students with enough vocabulary to describe the weather and teachers with a bunch of activities to conduct a meaningful class.

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