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Teaching Guide: Every Day activities

Author: Sonia Avellaneda Pinzón – Description: This plan gives the opportunity to learn and practice vocabulary about daily routine with all the skills. Students has the opportunity to listen a native speaker through the video and compare the activities that she does and the activities we usually do here in Colombia.

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Teaching Guide: Food-drinks and desserts

Author: José Noé Bohórquez Puentes – Description: This plan is about food, drinks and desserts. It is very appropriate for the seventh grade, because it gives students an important volume of vocabulary that allows them to share information about the typical dishes of the region, drinks and desserts; In this way, we find it practical for students to share from their real context.

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Teaching Guide: Getting to know each other

Author: Natalia Aristizabal Ortiz – Description: This plan helps SS interact and talk about their likes and dislikes. Also, it creates an input that has a very interactive place, both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. SS know vocabulary that includes different ideas that helps them to communicate about personal information. This plan can help you to make your students active since they are eager to know more and more about their classmates, who they are, and what they like to do, or what they do not like to do. Also, you can use it to practice vocabulary and grammar about questions structures.

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