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Teaching Guide: Colombia is full of valuable people

Author: Álvaro Andrés Montaño Bustamante – Description: This lesson plan allows the teacher to work on Colombian values through studying important people who have given our country recognition all over the world. It helps the pupils to have positive models of wonderful people to be followed. Finally, it is an excellent resource to learn L2 since it leads students to practice basic tenses through different activities.

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Teaching Guide: Past Experiences

Author: Angel Gomez Acosta – Description: This plan offers the students the opportunity to see the class in a different form, to see the teacher as a facilitator who wants to show them several forms to express their ideas and abilities. On the other hand, it may be useful and meaningful if you use it as a way to connect with your students.

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Teaching Guide: Environment: Past tense

Author: Andrés Grisales Gómez – Description: This plan permits students and teachers to reflect upon some of the actions they have done in the past from an environmental perspective. Thus, this helps them to build a new action plan towards conservation and environmental consciousness.

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Teaching Guide: Children activities

Author: Diana Liz Villalba Antequera – Description: This lesson plan has been designed to facilitate the students’ learning process, so you, as a teacher, must follow each stage carefully, but most importantly, try to keep patient. Always think you as a teacher know what you know, but they as students are just on their way. So, enjoy your work lead them with much patience and love because love conveys happiness. Go ahead! Go step by step for them to reach the goal of talking about their past and their now.

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