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Learning Guide: Talking about our life event and other lives

Author: Rocio del Pilar Velasco Beltrán, Judith Cardona Gallego – Description: This English self-study guide will help you to reinforce and improve your English skills to talk
about past events using regular and irregular verbs. The chosen activities are related to
practicing the simple past tense included in the book “Way to go seventh grade” Module 2.
The first activity is related to the vocabulary about verbs. Then in activities 2,3 and 4 you can
improve your listening and reading skills, and finally through 5 and 6 activities you will try
your writing and speaking skills expressing your knowledge about famous characters and their
importance around the world. The main objective of this self study guide is review and practice
the simple past tense.

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Learning Guide: Environment

Author: Anna Eduvina Álvarez Morales – Description: This self-study guide will help you to practice vocabulary related to deforestation and the simple past tense. All the activities are connected to the short reading found in the Way to Go student’s book 8 page 16. You will develop some vocabulary activities, which will present vocabulary that you will find in the text; then, you will answer some reading comprehension questions and concept questions to discover grammar related to the past simple tense. Finally, you will design and share a poster to talk about experiences related to the environment. Let’s have some fun!

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Teaching Guide: We are all different

Author: Bienvenida Esther Zambrano Pabób – Description: This lesson plan gives the students the chance to develop their listening, speaking and writing skills in order to improve their English level. It motivates to partners and colleagues because it can show them different sessions. It can be used in any English class to make it better.

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