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Learning Guide: Typical Food

Author: Jhonny Lemos, Alfredo Mejía Valencia, Jorge Sánchez Marín – Description: This self-study guide will take you through a series of activities which aim to improve your vocabulary in terms of a healthy lifestyle. It starts with a vocabulary review, then you have to match the names of some fruits and their definitions, then you will work on grammar by using quantifiers to complete the activities. After that, you will read a text about some Colombian dishes and you will complete some charts with the information from the texts. Finally, you will create a new chart to describe a Colombian dish and foreign dish. The information can be found on Módulo 3, unidad 1, lección 1 en página 86-88 from the English please Student’s Book 9h grade.

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Learning Guide: Celebrations around the world

Author: Martin Alonso Gonzales – Description: This self-study guide will help you know about celebrations and festivals around the world. All the activities are related to the English Please student book 10 Module 3 unit 1. This guide starts with some interesting activities about vocabulary revision. Then, you have to answer some literal and inferential statements from a reading about two important celebrations in the world. Finally, you have to write a ten-line paragraph description about one of the festivals celebrated in our country.

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Teaching Guide: Colombian food

Author: Carlos Hernando Gallego Arias – Description: This plan guides students to learn and practice about countable and uncountable nouns, some containers, and quantifiers through meaningful and fun activities that allow them to put into practice their listening, speaking and writing skills.

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