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Teaching Guide: Solving problems

Author: Robin Yovanni Millán – Description: This activity can be useful because in all social status of our daily lives, people are getting stressed without any reason and this leads them to get involved in conflict. For this reason, students and teachers must be prepared or at least have strategies inside their classroom to mediate with these situations. In addition, students can develop a sense of self-awareness so as not to get involved in conflicts. Moreover, students feel comfortable writing their feelings and emotions and learning to express their ideas and confront others in a conflict mediation.

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Teaching Guide: Environment

Author: Jorge Eliecer Cardona Cardona – Description: This plan provides students a chance to know about reading strategies such as SCANNING and its usefulness in increasing reading skill levels. It can also be a good way to assess students´ level of reading comprehension. In addition, it is a good chance to apply some of Classroom Assessment Techniques learnt throughout the Inspiring Teachers workshop and check their effectiveness in empowering teacher´s lesson planning.

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Teaching Guide: Globalization Problems

Author: Andrés Fabián Rivera Zapata – Description: This lesson plan helps students to know about reading strategies such as SCANNING. It also lets them know about its use in increasing reading skill levels and, in the same way, it will be a good way to assess students´ level of reading comprehension and a good chance to apply some Classroom Assessment Techniques and check their effectiveness. 

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