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Learning Guide: My daily routine

Author: Paula Andrea Delgado Polo , Lina Constanza López Arenas, Gildardo Lasso Bañol – Description: This English self- study guide helps you to practise the present tense, all the activities are related to the topic MY DAILY ROUTINE which activities are presented in Way to Go Student’s Book 6. Module 2, unit 3, lesson 1, page 70. First you have to reorder some daily activities, then classify them in what part of the day those activities are done, also you are going to read and correct some sentences, answer true or false in a chart and finally write your own routine.

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Teaching Guide: What I do in my house

Author: Indira Rosa Sierra Solano – Description: This lesson plan permits that students imagine their dream house, create a model of it and present it to the class. Students can develop their creativity and use language to express things that are relevant to them. It is a good opportunity to learn language in a context that is connected to students’ lives, and thus this opportunity results in memorable and significant learning.

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Teaching Guide: Environment

Author: Elizabeth Polanco Polo – Description: This activity could help the ELT teachers in rural contexts through increasing the students’ vocabulary. It was designed in a simple but communicative way. The students will have the chance to share ideas in English as well as talking about different vocabulary of their own contexts.

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Teaching Guide: Body parts

Author: Eduardo Ortiz – Description: This plan can help learners learn a wide range of vocabulary related to the different parts of the body and help teachers develop an interesting activity to have fun in class while teaching the body parts.

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